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The Thames Traditional Rowing Association are pleased to announce the following events.


Current Events

EVENTS - 2019

Tuesday 01 January 2019

Here are the listed Events for the year - 2019

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EVENTS - 2019: Tuesday 01 January 2019

There is a possible new Lord Mayor's Flotilla for September this year.  Watch this space for further announcements.

Members are reminded that in order to win prizes at the Admiral of the Port and Port of London Challenge events, the crew is made up of FOUR rowers, two passengers and a cox; the boat must be a Thames Watermens Cutter; it must have full regalia.

Prizes may also be given to boats of other classes for the fastest time of the day and to members in boats other than ‘Thames Watermens Cutters’.


Minutes of 2018 AGM

Monday 28 January 2019

Here are the Minutes of our AGM for 2018

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Minutes of 2018 AGM: Monday 28 January 2019


Oxbridge Watermens Challenge (OWC), 2019

Sunday 07 April 2019

This years event was attended by 22 boats racing and an 11 boat flotilla!

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Oxbridge Watermens Challenge (OWC), 2019: Sunday 07 April 2019

Head of the Flotilla this year was The shallop, Jubilant.



Past Events

Port of London Challenge, 2018 - RESULTS ARE IN

Monday 09 July 2018

Our Final Annual Race

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Port of London Challenge, 2018 - RESULTS ARE IN: Monday 09 July 2018

This event is for SIX rowers, one passenger and a cox.  NO REGALIA.

It starts from HQS Wellington, finishing at Chelsea Harbour Pier and once again is divided into four categories.  The fourth will be for non - TTRA members.

It is open to all comers but TROPHIES can only be won by FULL members of the TTRA.  The winning boats will have a crew of six, with one passenger and a cox.

Certificates will also be given to every crew member of the fastest boats in each Division (whether TTRA members or not).

An Entry Fee will be charged for all non - TTRA members.

The first division will start at 19:00 and then at five minute intervals thereafter.  All crews will be clear of the water by 20:30.  Prize giving will take place aboard the Crown River's vessel, SALIENT.

Entry Forms have been sent out and if any member has not received it yet, please contact the secretary immediately so that you do not miss out.

REMINDER:  Will those that have trophies from last year, bring then back so they can be handed out once more at the Prize Giving on board SALIENT.



Monday 11 June 2018


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LW London Bridge 19:20

The race is for four oared Watermen’s cutters which must be carrying a coxswain and TWO passengers (cox & passengers to wear lifejackets and ALL crew MUST have a life jacket available in the boat).

The boats must be dressed in full livery regalia and where possible have either the Company Master, Senior Liveryman or Clerk on board.

For non livery entries two representatives of the owning organisation should be on board.

You MUST ALL wear life jackets when boarding and moving around in the boats.

If you know of any supporters, friends who will be attending Westminster Boating Base could you let me have numbers for catering purposes.


The Tudor Pull, 2018

Sunday 13 May 2018

A splendid event where numerous traditional rowing boats accompany the Queens Row Barge Gloriana from Hampton Court Palace to the Tower of London each year.

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The Tudor Pull, 2018: Sunday 13 May 2018

This annual event has five boats escorting QRB Gloriana from Hampton Court Palace to Richmond, where a further eight will join them for the remainder of the journey to the Tower of London.


The Oxbridge Watermens Challenge, 2018

Saturday 24 March 2018

A wonderful day to see traditional rowing boats escorting the QRB Gloriana over the Boat Race Course, and to witness even more traditional rowing boats racing against each other over the same course as a prelim to The Boat Race proper.

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The Oxbridge Watermens Challenge, 2018: Saturday 24 March 2018

This year a great number of Traditional Rowing Boats have already booked their place to escort the QRB Gloriana, and a further THIRTEEN will take part in various divisions to race against each other.

Prize giving will take place during the post event festivities at the University of London Boat Club.



Monday 15 January 2018

Reply now if you are attending please.

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ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, 2017/18: Monday 15 January 2018

This year our AGM will be held at the WC Information Technologists Hall

39a Bartholomew Close, EC1A 7JN

Please be there from 18:45 ready to start proceedings at 19:00.

The Agenda will be published here in due course.


OWC Challenge

Sunday 02 April 2017


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OWC Challenge: Sunday 02 April 2017

LW Richmond 14:19
LW Chelsea Bridge 12:21

This year, there will for the first time in our history, be TWO Classes of boats racing - Classic Watermen’s Cutters and Skerries For six oared Watermen’s cutters (no tilts). For six oared Skerries. In all boats the cox and passenger must wear lifejackets and ALL rowing crew MUST have a life jacket available in the boat. To win the race, entries must be FULL members of the TTRA.

The race will be in three Divisions. SIX boats only in each Division.

  • Women’s crews
  • Mixed crews
  • Men’s crews

The Oxbridge gigs will then follow.

A separate flotilla will process along the full course in escort to The Queen’s Row Barge ‘Gloriana’ for all other boats NOT wishing to race – please remember you MUST contact for details as the flotilla is also numerically restricted.

Full timetable provided after applications have been received.
Start from 15:00 at Putney (LW @ CB 13:21 BST)
Spectators / supporters are welcome at the finish point at 16:00


The entry fee for paid up TTRA full members is included in the annual subscriptions (this includes the tow up or downstream, morning breakfast and drinks at ULBC and post event buffet and drinks for the crew). 
Additional boat(s) and Non-Members of the TTRA will pay an entry fee in advance, of £50 per boat. This covers food and drinks before and after the event.

The Non - TTRA FULL members will be responsible for getting their boats to ULBC for launching and recovery post event. All Other Guests are expected to make a payment of £15 per person to receive food and drinks at ULBC during the after-row celebrations only.



Sunday 23 April 2017


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TUDOR PULL: Sunday 23 April 2017

HW Richmond Lock 12:20
LW London Bridge 17:32

On the 23rd of April the Queen’s Row Barge ‘Gloriana’ rowed by the Royal Watermen and escorted by craft from the City Livery Companies, City Organisations and Clubs will carry the Stela from Hampton Court Palace to HM Tower of London.

A ceremony will be held at Hampton Court Palace when the Stela will be given in to the custody of the HM Queen’s Barge Master to be transported under oars to HM Tower of London.

The route will be on the River Thames from Hampton Court Palace, through Teddington lock, Richmond and down to HM Tower of London finishing at St. Katherine’s Pier (distance of 25 miles).

HM Queen’s Barge Master will then process to HM Tower of London and present the Stela to the Governor of HM Tower of London.


Admiral of the Port, 2017

Monday 19 June 2017

This event is for 4 oared cutters in full regalia, with two passengers and a cox

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Admiral of the Port, 2017: Monday 19 June 2017

The event begins from HQS Wellington and finishes at Westminster Boating Base.

Prize giving takes places while the rowing crews and their guests enjoy the hospitality of the base.

For the results from this event, please view the attached file.



Wednesday 19 July 2017


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PORT OF LONDON CHALLENGE: Wednesday 19 July 2017

LW London Bridge 16:20
HW London Bridge 22:50

This event is for Watermen’s six oared coxed cutters (NO canopies) carrying one passengers.  Please ensure all passengers/coxswains are wearing life jackets. There will be a crew briefing at 18:15 - coxswains must be present.

Crews to be boated at 18:45. The races will start at 19:00 (LW @ LB 16:20 BST).  We will have a multi Division start. 

Division 1          TTRA Women and Mixed together.                                                                       19:00

Division 2 & 3   Skerries and Non TTRA members of all groups. (Men Women and Mixed).     19:10

Division 4          TTRA Men                                                                                                              19:20

Divisions 2 - 4 will hold positions close to the Southbank until each is called forward by the support boats.

The course will be from HQS ‘Wellington’, King’s Reach to Chelsea Harbour a distance of 4.4 statute miles.

Each Division when called forward, will form up line abreast of HQS ‘Wellington’ under the instructions of the Umpire aboard ‘Molly Brown’.  When the boats are level the Umpire will give the order for each race to commence by “Attention, GO!”.

The finish line will be marked by the PV ‘Salient’ at Chelsea Harbour.  Crews will disembark to the ‘Salient’ and arrangements made for the boats to be towed away as soon as possible.

On board the PV ‘Salient’ the bar will be open and light refreshments available. The prize giving will take place during the return cruise and we will arrive back at Embankment Pier at approx. 21:30.



Saturday 11 November 2017

Event Report now available

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LORD MAYORS FLOTILLA: Saturday 11 November 2017

HW London Bridge 06:38
LW London Bridge 13:11

Starting at Westminster Boating Base, Pimlico

25 Traditional Rowing boats will accompany the Queens Row Barge Gloriana, as she carries the Lord Mayor Elect to HMS President with his friends and guests.

There will also be a number of motorised launches to accompany the entire fleet, making it quite a spectacle.

Departure is timed for 08:35 and will pass under Tower Bridge at 09:25 when the Bridge is scheduled to open in his honour as the Admiral of the Port of London.

Following this procession, a number of rowers that have already rowed downstream from Pimlico, will be invited to row the QRB Gloriana back to the Houses of Parliament to commemorate those fallen service personnel at the eleventh hour, on the the eleventh day in the eleventh month.

"When you go home tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow, we gave our today.  We Will Remember Them".


Lord Mayor of the City of London's Flotilla report

Saturday 11 November 2017

This year saw twenty five rowing boats surrounding the Queens Row Barge Gloriana with the Lord Mayor of the City of London on board.

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Lord Mayor of the City of London's Flotilla report: Saturday 11 November 2017

Thanks are due for all those people that made this event possible before it even began.  Lord Mayor of the City of London. Without their help the event would have not run as smoothly as it did.

Mark Edwards of Richmond Bridge Boat Houses for preparing the boats with their regalia, baling them out and making them up into three strings to be towed downstream to the start line. 

Then of course, Mark Montgomery Smith of Eel Pie Boat Yard and his boat wrangler Pierre.  They had started out on Friday afternoon by towing our upstream boats down stream closer to the start line.  The weather was terrible overnight and they spent a restless night interspersed with checking the rowing boats to make sure they were not getting swamped with rain water, or pulled around too much by the passing clippers and other assorted boats.  After the row was completed, they had to wait until the tide turned again to tow all the way back to Richmond again, arriving there late in the evening and tying up the boats ready for closer attention on Sunday morning.

The young people from the Ahoy Centre also towed up several cutters from their end of the river in horrible conditions arriving in good time to get everyone afloat.  The experience these good natured, young people gain with every event cannot be undervalued.  They provide a first class example for, and of our youth today.

Tony Mason of Thames Active provided excellent Support cover by co-ordinating the Safety RIB's provided by the Ahoy Centre.  His vessel Molly Brown acted as the Committee Boat co-ordinating the entire operation.  Tony had travelled up the previous evening and stayed aboard his boat overnight in order to be at the start on time.  During that night while his boat was alongside in Chelsea, it was hit by excessive wash that snapped mooring lines and ripped out a cleat from his boat.  He and his crew awoke to find the stern section deep in water too.  Fortunately, being well prepared, they were able to replace the mooring lines immediately, and pump out the water so they could continue on their way in the morning.  

Dawn Collins also provided her own RIB (Wind) as additional Safety Cover.  It is as well Dawn came along as we needed that extra cover on the day with such a large flotilla.  

Thanks to all of you!

It was a very wet start to the day.  With spirits high and full of hope, the teams arrived at Westminster Boating Base (WBB) and were treated to a much appreciated very early morning cup of tea or coffee to warm their cockles.  Thanks are given to the team of WBB that helped us all on our way.

After a full briefing on the proceedings to follow, they set out to escort the Lord Mayor of the City of London, the Admiral of the Port of London who was on board The Queens Row Barge (QRB) Gloriana.

The flotilla passed without incident through the Pool of London with the assistance and good offices of the Port of London Authority ensuring our free passage with the Port Health vessel Londinium lll leading the way past London Bridge, HMS Belfast, under Tower Bridge and finally going ashore at HMS President, where the rowing flotilla stood up, tossed their oars in salute and gave three rousing cheers!

The London Fire Brigade Launch was in attendance too and made a splash by creating a wonderful spectacle just downstream of HMS President.

Some of the rowers had answered the call to continue their efforts on the water and immediately on arrival at HMS President, cross decked onto the QRB and rowed her back upstream (against the out going tide) in order to commemorate the fallen personnel of all conflicts.  This was particularly pertinent to one rowing crew that had travelled all the way to London from Whitby to take part in this auspicious day of celebration and then commemoration, as one of their crew had lost a much loved son, and was also a well respected friend to the rest of the crew in the recent conflict in Afghanistan.  

"They shall not grow old as we that are left grow old.  

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.  

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them".

After the Lord Mayor of the City of London had gone ashore at HMS President, the rowers took part in the consumption of well earned bacon and sausage butties, plus hot drinks to restore their personal comforts.

Thanks are due to the staff of HMS President that provided this much needed sustenance. We look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Next year the Lord Mayor's Flotilla will take place on Saturday 10th November and will be the 100th anniversary of the 1914-18 War. Plan ahead now and get your crews together.  It is sure to be a very popular event.


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